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How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?

How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?DWI Insurance? You get your auto insurance the same way anyone else would ecxept that since your a “High Risk”, you’ll have to pay more and will most likely have to look around more to find an Insurance Company that will accept you.


An reaction from someone who has used the maneuver of setting up a fresh residence, etc., twice because of DWI’s is truly not a reliable source of information, comitting a “Felony” fraud offense is not the way to go. I suggest that you “bite the bullet,” admit your culpability, pay the higher insurance premium from your carrier for the next five years, and swear you will not drink and drive again.

 Commit Felony Fraud? If you truly want to drive that bad set up an address in another state or if you have a relative in another state ask them if you can use their address and then capitulate your license to the DMV in that state assuming it’s not suspended. once you establish an address you just need your license from your state and 6 points of ID which would be SS# birth certificate, passport credit card employee ID those will help. whats gonna happen is that you will capitulate your old license from your state in exchange for the fresh one in what ever state you determine to do it with. if you have points dont worry about that its illegal for any state to transfer points from state to state.so you will have a fresh embark..Ive done it twice and I live in NJ and I have a NY license and in NJ i had Ten points now i have zero with my NY license LOL… Of course if Caught you may spend some time in prison.


Assuming the courts haven’t taken away your license, you’ll need to contact a “high-risk” carrier like Progressive. If you’ve had to file an SR-22, you would give it to the carrier and go from there.
It’s going to be very, very pricey, by the way, for about five years. And even after that, your record will most likely keep your premiums pretty high.


You take the bus for the next five years.

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 Give up License It’s ordinary. Take your license to DMV, tell them you give up it and ask for a plain ID card. Stay off public roads at least 7 years.

After that, re-apply all over again then the convictions (as long as no deaths resulted) should be totally erased. Then you’ll be able to get insurance through whoever you want.


Please stay off the roads!

Can you get auto insurance if the auto is in a collection agency?

Reaction .
If you are planning on getting the vehicle back and reaffirming your finance note then “Yes”. You can buy insurance for it. You will most likely be required to do so in order to get it back from the collection agent. .
If you are not planning to redeem the vehicle then you are considered to have surrendered the vehicle, You no longer have a financial interest in the vehicle and therefore can not legally insure it

How long can an insurance company keep a DWI conviction on your record?

Insurance Record for DWIInsurance companies do not keep any driving records for you, They check the DMV records which is how they can see your offenses. Most Companies only check your record for the last Trio to Five years depending on your company underwriting guidelines. So that’s when they stop surcharging you for the DWI. Your DMV driving record is permanent. Glad MotoringAccidents, convictions for moving violations, and the suspensions or the revocations of your driver license remain on your driver record for these time periods: A moving disturbance conviction or an accident normally remains on a driver record during the year that the conviction or the accident occurred, and for the following three calendar years. (Note: The DMV uses the year when the conviction occurred, not the year when the disturbance occurred.) The DMV liquidates a conviction or an accident from a driver record on January 1 of the fourth year after the year of the conviction or the accident. For example, an accident or a conviction that occurred during 2003 remains on the driver record until January 1, 2007. A conviction that is alcohol-related or drug-related (for example, DWI or DWAI) remains on a driver record for exactly Ten years. If a driver is convicted of the same disturbance during that Ten years, the driver can receive extra penalties. There are other convictions and accidents of a serious type that can remain on a driver record for more than Ten years. A suspension or a revocation of a driver license that was not cleared or not terminated remains on a driver record indefinitely. A suspension or a revocation that was cleared or terminated remains on a driver record during the year it was cleared or terminated and for the following three calendar years. (Note: The DMV uses the year when the suspension or the revocation was cleared or terminated, not the year when the suspension or the revocation began.) Usually the minimum ranges from 7 years (Nevada) to Ten years in other states. Sometimes longer. A subsequent offense will usually extend it by 4-6 years. If it resulted in a fatality, unluckily such a conviction will go after you for lifetime in which case you can leave behind about buying insurance, a car, or having a unrestricted license ever again. If no injuries resulted and you have one or more DWI convictions the easiest way to be forgiven is to voluntarily capitulate your license for an ID, wait a few years then commence over applying all over again. The conviction will be deleted and you can embark over with whatever insurance company you want. Good luck!

If your friend received a DWI in your vehicle will that affect the rates on your insurance?

I work at an Insurance Agency in Michigan, and I know in this state you’re insurance would NOT go up. Insurance goes by a person’s own record to determine their insurance premium on their own vehicle. If the person with DWI gets insurance, it will demonstrate on their record, which would make their insurance higher. It may not demonstrate up on your record but it sure speaks volumes about your level of stupidity, to permit a person to drive YOUR car while toasted. What if that person had KILLED somebody, with YOUR CAR? In that case, your insurance company would drop you like a slimy dead fish, and you would be ON YOUR OWN. No insurance coverage, and if you were to be convicted in a civil trial, you could be working for the REST OF YOUR LIFE to pay off the trial jury’s award to the dead person’s kin. MILLIONS of dollars, and you would own all of the debt. You would never be able to own a house, and your kids would own the debts after you die.

Can you get auto insurance without an auto?

Reaction It depends on the insurance company. There are some out there where you can get insurance on you to drive any vehicle and be covered, it is normally more expensive that way.

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When car is non-moving for Two to Trio months what auto insurances charges to be paid?

Reaction .
It is relevent to your state and also to your loan or lease co., if there is one. Call your agent. In MA in order to cancle the insurance for any amount of time you must turn in the plates. Still cheaper than paying 2-3 months of insurance. 4lifeguild.com

What would be a reasonable excuse for not having auto insurance for Two months?

Reaction .
There is no such thing. If you can’t afford gas to drive your vehicle, you can’t afford to drive. Same with the insurance. If you can’t afford to be responsible for injury/harm you might cause to others, you can’t afford to drive..
Insurance companies view uninsured driving as “risky behavior”, and as such put those types of drivers into a category with other high risk drivers. That’s why it will cost you a lot more money to get insurance after you’ve been driving without. Everything in the insurance industry is about risk and how much they should charge to take on extra risk.

How do you get auto insurance?

ResponseVery first you need, a drivers license, a car, and VALID registration. Then, LOTS AND LOTS of phone calls so you can sop around for the best rates, you can go through brokers, (its like a shopping mall for insurance companies), and once you hear some numbers you like (depending on the coverage), you make a down payment, sign several legally required papers, then you;re all set. Attempt this site where you can get quotes from different companiesyourfinance.co.cc

What is auto insurance?

This is insurance which protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Various coverages may be bought depending on the desires of the insured. Such coverages include the liability coverages of bodily injury, property harm, and medical payments, and the physical harm coverages of collision and comprehensive. Auto insurance requirements vary. If you’re not sure what’s required in your home state or country, or you’re moving, educate yourself on your state’s or country’s minimum auto insurance requirements and plan to exceed them. (If you’re involved in a serious accident, carrying the minimum requirements won’t cover your losses!) Auto insurance helps you to protect you and your family against financial loss in the event of an accident or other cause of loss.It covers the injuries and damages caused by an accident and for which you are legally responsible. Answer- Auto insurance is a protection that protects the holder of vehicle against financial loss if vehicle have accident. It is a contract inbetween vehicle possessor and auto insurance company. The vehicle possessor pays the fix amount of premium to the auto insurance company and in exchange the insurance company pays to the vehicle proprietor against loss as mentioned in the insurance policy. There may be various types of auto insurance coverage such as property harm coverage, vehicle assets injury coverage, collision coverage, individual injury coverage and more.

How do you get a DWI off your insurance?

Individual insurers set time boundaries for DWI, DUI and other driving offenses that increase the cost of coverage in some cases the overall driving record of the individual applies..
The best option in finding out when the penalty expires is to contact your insurance agent.

If you travel the states for Two years do you need to switch your auto insurance in each state or do you proceed to use your original insurance?

You are required to maintain your auto insurance in your state of primary residence. It will go after you when you travel or visit other states. The key here is “Residence”. If you take up residence in any of the states that you travel too, then you are required to notify your insurer and switch your insurance within 30 days of taking up residence. You are also required to obtain a drivers license in your fresh state of residence within 30 days.

What is a DWI?

DWI means “Driving While Intoxicated”. These are terms used by police. In every state in our country there is a legal limit to how much alcohol you can have in your assets if you are driving. If you drink and drive you can lose your driver’s license and even go to jail.

Would a DWI affect the coverage of your insurance?

Reaction .
if convicted of dwi insurer can deny coverge for named insured and spouses cars if no lienholder.

How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?

Can you get auto insurance if you never had auto insurance?

Yes, you don’t say if you just have never had the NEED forinsurance or drove ‘uninsured’ — for the latter, some companieswill not insure you. But there are many many that will. It is better to ask to the insurance company. You can check outonline for various insurance providers, and they can give youbetter idea.

Will insurance premiums increase while a DWI charge is pending?

The shouldn’t – while pending – If the judgment is rendered that a person was DWI, insurance rate will rise. Don’t drink and drive – the life you save might be your own.

How long will a DWI affect your insurance in NY?

In the state of Fresh York, a DWI will affect your insurance for aperiod of 40 months. However, you truly can’t be driving when youlose your license because of a DWI anyway.

Title who infoms the insurance about dwi?

Most often, the policy holder informs the insurance company by requesting an SR-22 filing. Insurers will also periodically obtain driving record reports from your motor vehicle department – generally once per year.

What do you do with your auto insurance when you sell the auto?

You need to call your insurance company to eliminate the vehicle from your policy. If you are getting a fresh vehicle, you need to add that vehicle on. If you are not getting a fresh vehicle, the insurance company will send you a check for whatever amount of money you had left on the policy that was not earned because you did not have the policy for the total term.

If you get a DWI and are dropped by your insurance company do you need insurance on the car?

In order to drive your vehicle, it must have valid insurance.Otherwise, you’re in disturbance of the law.

Can i rent an apartment after having Two DWI?

Yes. It depends on how long ago they were too. Some apartment complexes may not rent to you, so you will need to send them an email to ask, but mostly what they look for in background checks is violent crimes, and crimes that involve money or fraud. A felony will kill your chances. If you get a 3rd dui, it WILL be a felony, and then you are in real trouble and your life will be ruined. You have to ask yourself if drinking is the best think for you to keep doing. I have Two dui’s as well and have totally stopped drinking altogether. I was able to eventually rent an apartment and get my license back. Three strikes and you are out my friend. Stop drinking now and save the rest of your life.

What is a auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a kind of insurance that helps you cover the costs resulting from a car accident or auto problem. Every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry at least some auto insurance, albeit the exact amount varies by state. There are two basic kinds of auto insurance: insurance that covers very first party harm (which is harm to your car or injuries to people in your car) and insurance that covers third party harm (i.e., harm or injuries to another driver’s car or passengers, or any property you harm in an accident which doesn’t belong to you.) Most insurance policies contain both of these types of coverage.

What do you have to have for auto insurance?

What is required by law. Usually its liability you have to have. It varies by state how much your required to carry. Answer- You should have good credit score and financial stability ( working in a concern for a long time)

Can you get auto insurance with no auto?

Auto Insurance Without a Car? Yes, You can purchase “Non Owners Insurance” Coverage. Sometimes referred to as “Named Driver Coverage” Drive safe – Buckle Up

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When can you drop auto insurance on a repossed auto?

When your vehicle is in the process of being repossessed, the bank is embarking the process of taking back ownership. If you have not maintained continuous insurance coverage on your vehicle, chances are the bank will force place insurance which will add to your loan balance. If you are anticipating repossession, keep insurance on the vehicle until the vehicle is claimed. If you intend to discuss payment arrangements to get your vehicle back, you must keep insurance prove you are financially responsible. If you do not intend to get the vehicle back you can cancel your auto insurance after the vehicle is no longer yours. When the bank takes possession, you no longer have a financial interest in the car. Notify the DMV before cancelling the insurance that you are no longer the registered possessor of the car to prevent fines for no insurance with the state.

Injured in an auto accident with no auto insurance?

If you are the driver of the vehicle you could face civil litigation by any other parties involved in the accident, including passengers in your vehicle. State laws vary but generally there may be extra criminal penalties including fines and jail time.

No auto insurance but do have gap insurance?

So called gap insurance covers only the difference inbetween thevalue of your vehicle and what you owe to the bank. It offers noother protections such as private injury & liability, orcollision.

How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?

What if I have health insurance but no auto insurance?

The Two types of insurance serve different purposes, albeit in one respect, there is some overlap. At its most basic, health insurance is intended to pay to or on behalf of the insured sums of money for medical bills incurred because of sickness or injury. Auto insurance includes several different coverages. The one most closely like health insurance is frequently referred to as “no fault coverage”. It pays a percentage of the insured’s medical expenses and lost wages if he/she was injured as a result of an auto collision. Benefits are paid irrespective of who caused the collision. Health insurance is not presently required by law. In contrast, anyone who wishes to register a vehicle is required to conform with the state’s “financial responsibility law” which requires the registrant to have and to maintain certain types and amounts of auto insurance.

What if you was in a auto accident and you are not at fault but you do not have auto insurance?

Laws may vary state to state. In Georgia it is a criminal offense to drive without auto insurance. Albeit you may not be held liable for property harm or bodily injury to another party, you may face legal activity including fines and possible jail time.

Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?

It is up to the policy holder. When I had to stay with my aunt for a long time we kept my insurance in my state of origin. It works too when you have a child in college and you are in another state. Contact insurance agent or insurance company to verify.

Can you get auto insurance if your auto policy is canceled?

Yes. Sounds like you haven’t had insurance for a while. You’ll most likely need non-standard auto.

Can you get a insurance license having a DWI Felony?

I have seen some agents with a DWI, you will need to check with your states licensing department to make sure tho’.

Whose auto insurance will cover your passenger if they have no auto insurance?

Response 1: If you are driving with a passenger that does not have auto insurance or medical insurance, they can be covered under either your policy or the third party’s policy depending upon the situation. If you are found at fault for the accident, Medical Payments or Private Injury Protection will pay the a portion of the medical expenses that you and your passengers incur up to the stated boundaries. If you carry Uninsured Motorist and are hit by someone with no insurance, this coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers as well. If you are not at-fault for the accident causing injuries and the other party has insurance, the third party liability insurance coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers based on the per person and per accident thresholds stated on the policy. Response Two: If the passengers are travelling in your auto and, if you are at fault in an accident, your insurance will cover them. If the other driver is found at fault, his/her liability insurance will cover your passengers.

Will your auto insurance cover your auto if seized?

If stolen yes, if seized legally (say as a debt or by the police) no.

What is the liability to your parents in NYS if you are over 21 on their insurance and get a dwi?

Anytime you drive under the influence, it is your problem. There is generally no liability unless they coerced you to drive after forcing you to ingest a substance to intoxicate yourself.

Will Two points affect your auto insurance?

i very doubt itYes it will. I have Two pts and my insurance went up by $1k.

Can a auto insurance company ask for proof of repair from hail. from Two years ago from a different insurance company?

As to auto insurance, the insurer will not suggest physical harm coverage on a vehicle that presently has harm. And they surely should not have to pay for a claim that was already paid for two years ago. Insurers may have access to a centralized claims registry, at least as to claims that resulted in significant harm and therefore, excellent repair expense. A fresh insurer is not responsible for harm that occurred before its policy went into force. Therefore, it will want to know the condition of the property as of the effective date of its policy. This is usually done by having an inspection of the property done, usually at the insurer’s expense. Part of that inspection will likely involve questions about prior harm. It is significant to be truthful in the answers. The insurance company bases its decision to insure and the premium that it charges, based on its assessment of the risk. This includes these kinds of questions. If the answers are not truthful, the insured runs the risk of the insurer canceling the policy based upon “material misrepresentations”. A material misrepresentation is a misrepresentation that the insured relied upon to its detriment by issuing a policy that it would not have issued, or charging a premium lower than it would have charged had it known the truth.

Can you report Two incidents on one auto insurance claim?

Not exactly sure what you mean but here goes. If the “incidents” did not happen at the exact same moment then no you cannot make them on the same claim. They would be two seperate claims with two seperate deductibles and you would have two claims on your insurance record also. Puny claims are not worth claiming. If one is petite and doesn’t involve another party then the best thing is to work a deal out with the bod shop to pay for it while they are fixing the other claim. Usually they will fix a petite item for almost nothing as they will already have the paint and materials anyway. Don’t be dishonest with the adjuster or you could get in real trouble. Tell them upfront that it happened in another event. They can tell. For utter disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also worked as an agent for a direct writer for Three years before that.

DOES auto insurance COVER you or your auto?

It depends upon the kind of insurance to which you are referring. Physical harm coverage (collision and comprehensive) covers physical harm to the vehicle insured according to the policy terms. Liability insurance protects you from claims by third parties who may have sustained damages as a result of your careless in operating an insured vehicle. The scope of damages can be either property harm or bodily injury damages. Individual Injury Protection insurance (often referred to as PIP or no-fault coverage) pays a portion of your own medical expenses and lost wages if you are injured in a collision. The insurance goes after the vehicle, not the driver, so if you are a driver in another vehicle, that person’s insurance is the primary insurance company unless their thresholds are too low and then the driver’s insurance company would provide excess coverage.

How can you get auto insurance after Two DWIs?

Is dwi insurance a high-risk type of insurance?

DWI Insurance does suggest a multitude of products for the consumer. High-risk insurance is one of the products that they suggest. Contact your agent for pricing information, as it is related to your private situation.

What is the maximum limit that DWI insurance offers?

The maximum limit that DWI insurance offers is 90 days after accidents. There must be reports filed prior to this deadline in order to ensure that the insurance company can process your claim.

What happens if the driver of a vehicle gets a dwi on your insurance?

Your rates shouldn’t be affected, as long as he wasn’t in an accident in your car.

Does insurance cover in a dwi wreck?

It does cover your liability for property harm and medical expenses if you were at fault. If you have collision insurance, your vehicle will also be covered.

Does insurance cover a car totaled in a wreck involving a DWI?

If you had collision insurance on the car at the time of the accident that should cover the value of the vehicle. Even if you were inebriated you were still at fault and most likely didn’t crash your car on purpose.

Where can one find reviews for DWI auto insurance?

Almost any insurance website will have reviews for DWI auto insurance. They will also have rates, and free quotes as well, if you give them your valid information.

What insurance company can cover you after having a DWI after 1 for a year?

There are lots of insurance companies who will insure a person with a DWI charge on their record. A DWI is the same number of points as one at fault accident or three minor speeding tickets. It counts as Trio points with most companies. Now not all insurance companies will take you with a DWI charge but most companies will and the increase is not as much as you think it will be. I suggest that you go to a duo of independent insurance agencies in your area and see who like the best. Independent agents represent several different insurance companies who do well in your area and they can shop around for you and give you the best rate. Best of all, when your record cleans up they can budge you to a preferred insurance company with even better rates.

What is the purpose of a DWI car insurance?

DWI or DUI car insurance is simply car insurance for those who have a DWI or DUI offense on their driving records. These people are perceived as a higher risk by the insurance industry, so these policies are more expensive and suggest less coverage.

Can you have Two different auto insurances on two different cars?

Yes you most certainly can. I am fortunate enough to have four cars in my garage and they are all insured with different insurance companies

Can Two separate auto policies for the same address with Two separate insureds be used as an excess for the other insured?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but it certainly soundslike it involves some kind of insurance fraud.

How long DWI chargeable on car insurance in NC?

All tickets and violations stay on your driving record forever or until the server crashes beyond repair and without backup. The issue is how long does your insurance company rate you for violations. Usually the reaction is Trio years but some ask you to report to them all violations in the past Five years. Even however your driving record included all events that ever happened, vendors like insurance companies can only pull driving reports for a verifiable time limit. In Georgia, you can get a report for either Three years or 7 years. Most companies only rate for Three years so they don’t bother to pay for the 7 year report. I’m sure the situation is similar in NC.

Can I be charged for the same points on my insurance policy as my son that got a dwi on his insurance policy?

I don’t truly understand your exact question. Are you asking can you be charged with points for your sons DWI? If he is a driver on your policy you will be assigned a charge for his points, yes.

Does your car insurance pay if you are killed while you are DWI?

Most insurance companies pay a claim based on your coverages, noton whether or not you got a DWI charge. I have only seen onecompany that was for religious clients and non-drinkers that hadtheir clients sign a pledge not to drink and had penalties if youwere charged for DUI or DWI.

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